Turning information into

Helping you find new ways to store, manage
and secure your big data and information assets

The volume, velocity and variety of data has grown exponentially, providing exciting new opportunities for analyzing financial, production, and customer activities. However, data alone has limited value. The real contribution to your bottom line occurs when you can turn data into information, and information into insight.

Designing an IT infrastructure to support new enterprise-wide information management and storage needs can be challenging, costly and complex, but IBM can help. Our solutions can add flexibility to support agility and growth, automate data movement, and allow you to operate more efficiently with minimized risk. We'll help you find new ways to store, manage and secure your information assets with a foundation that is purpose-built for scalability, tuned to the task and ready for deployment in a cloud computing environment.

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What we offer

IBM Data and Information Management Services


IBM Storage and Data Product Services

Help mitigate project risk and increase product value


IBM Storage Optimization and Integration Services

Improve your data storage to reduce costs and boost efficiency


IBM Smart Business Storage Cloud

Helps reduce costs and improve performance with a scalable storage-virtualization solution


IBM Data Security Services

Protect data from threats without adversely impacting business productivity


Analytics-based Business Process Services

Advanced analytics provide sophisticated data analysis, advanced data modeling and risk analytics


IBM SmartCloud Resilience Services

Capturing cloud technology to deliver effective business resiliency