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Leveraging New Service Delivery Models

Market pressures – such as big data, consumerization, mobility -- are expanding the boundaries of IT, pushing the limits of IT’s traditional infrastructure. This is creating a proliferation of services, potentially sourced and delivered from virtually anywhere to any device, anytime… with many more service delivery choices in the supply chain.

Now, more than ever, you need a robust strategy to take advantage of these new dynamics for all types of services and processes.

Combining your requirements with best practices, IBM can help you make thoughtful decisions on a sourcing service delivery strategy. We help you review services and processes, define delivery based on business design, service level and deployment characteristics. We can help you realize an integrated, interconnected, dynamic service chain with benefits that can affect your entire enterprise.

What we offer


Cloud infrastructure strategy and design

Develop a strategy and plan for using cloud within your organization, and use a detailed workload analysis to better understand the benefits of migration.


Service management strategy and design

Assess, plan and design your IT governance and service management capabilities to create business-focused IT services.


IT outsourcing and hosting

Benefit from IBM global expertise in the management of applications and other IT components in either a hosted.


IBM SmartCloud

SmartCloud is the IBM vision for cloud computing. Accelerate business transformation with capabilities from IBM.


IBM managed services

Free up IT staff while improving service delivery and reducing costs with managed services from IBM.


Global process services

Achieve bottom-line savings and top-line growth with analytics-driven, next-generation business process outsourcing.

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