Preemptive Technical Support and IT Inventory Discovery

Technical Support Services

Streamline IT inventory, code currency and contract management

Achieving around-the-clock uptime begins with knowing what systems are running in your environment. But IT inventory management can be laborious.

Included with select IBM Technical Support Services (TSS) offerings, IBM Technical Support Appliance helps automate inventory discovery and provides analysis to improve uptime and simplify support management.


IBM Technical Support Appliance (TSA) helps you:

How it works

Understand the issues

Time is money and downtime is expensive

Learn how taking a comprehensive and holistic approach to your IT support strategy can help increase IT optimization while reducing the costs and risks of downtime. This paper outlines the many benefits such as process simplification, accelerated resolution, and more.

Understand the options

Why choose IBM as your technical support services provider?

By choosing IBM, you are choosing a global, trusted, industry leader—with a forward-thinking approach and more than 100 years of experience supporting clients’ business systems. You are also choosing to support your IT needs with IBM’s robust support infrastructure behind you—a global infrastructure that provides nearly unparalleled access to parts, skills, outstanding support and industry-leading vendor alliances.