Advanced analytics for proactive technical support

Provide more cost-effective and simplified IT management

The technical support appliance is designed to help you reduce costs by providing recommendations to help keep your IT systems running reliably. In addition, our solution helps to streamline inventory, availability and contract management—reducing the need for dedicated staff to manage these tasks.


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Technical support appliance can help identify and prevent issues, such as outdated microcode and support-coverage gaps, that can lead to costly problems. Learn how IBM specialists can help you optimize the availability of both your IBM and non-IBM systems with our advanced analytics solution. Read the solution brief (PDF, 691KB).

To reduce costly downtime and support business continuity, it is critical to prevent IT issues before they can impact your business. Technical support appliance can discover data from critical systems connected to your network. Through advanced analytics, we combine the data with IBM support and development information to provide robust analysis to help improve the availability of your IT environment. Our solution can help:

IBM can offer more robust preventive maintenance solutions that are informed by advanced analytics and decades of experience supporting multivendor systems. Our solution is designed to deliver the more thorough approach and tangible benefits you expect from an IT leader.

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