USA Citizens option for selected IBM Software Support Services

High quality support from USA citizen IBM experts
delivered in a manner that aligns with the clients'
data privacy policies


Get the support you need from U.S. citizens in accordance with your security standards

Some customers operate under data privacy policies which designate only United States citizens to handle support issues. In order to meet this requirement, IBM is implementing an optional support offering that can be purchased along with selected IBM Software Support Services known as IBM Support via USA Citizens. This optional support will be performed by United States citizens. With the constant threat of outside hostile influences, entities such as government agencies and contractors, as well as private companies working with government agencies, must have assurances their support needs are being handled by United States citizens.

IBM has United States citizens available who are easily accessible and qualified to deliver your wide range of support needs. As a result of adding the Support via USA Citizens option to one of the following IBM Software Support Services, you will be entitled to technical support based on IBM's standard support process:

Upon completion of entitlement and confirmation as a Support via USA Citizens customer, your support call will be assigned and handled by a U.S. citizen located in the United States. Hours of coverage for Support via USA Citizens are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. in the client's local US time zone.

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