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Your warranty or hardware maintenance contract provides world-class defect support, but many times you find that you need more than that. You need additional support to help resolve issues related to the installation, configuration and usage of your storage products.

IBM Software Support Services – Support Line for storage delivers comprehensive remote technical support from IBM experts to provide assistance with the usage, installation and configuration of your storage products.



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As storage environments become increasingly complex, you need more than traditional hardware warranty and maintenance support. You may need installation, configuration and product usage support for your storage products to help ensure optimum availability. Relying solely on internal staff to resolve these technical issues can be an inefficient use of your resources and may result in potentially costly business disruptions or delays.

IBM Software Support Services – Support Line for storage provides comprehensive remote technical assistance to help resolve installation, configuration and usage issues of your IBM storage products. We provide you cost-effective support for rapid issue resolution, enabling you to maintain operational efficiency and system availability by reducing the impact of downtime and maintaining service consistency during peak periods. Our skilled technical experts are available 24 x 7 and can augment your in-house resources and help you control IT staffing requirements and costs.

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