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Enhance efficiency and performance with cost-efficient remote support

To stay competitive, you're increasingly shifting mission-critical workloads onto your IBM BladeCenter® systems. This means that they need to stay up and running at peak efficiency. But this requires comprehensive support you may not have in house.

IBM Software Support Services - Support Line for Power Systems™ BladeCenter can provide cost-efficient support for your “how-to” and usage questions. We help you streamline your technical support and optimize your system performance and availability.

Middleware implementation - rapid deployment services features

IBM helps you enhance the speed and reliability of complex middleware deployments with an automated and pattern-driven approach. We have 200+ patterns ready for automated deployment. You get:


Service detail

Service details

You rely on your IBM BladeCenter system to drive business innovation and efficiency. So when you have urgent questions, you need quick, accurate answers to avoid costly downtime. But in the complex blade environment, you may lack the in-house resources required to ensure the availability and superior performance of your BladeCenter system.

IBM Software Support Services – Support Line for Power Systems BladeCenter provides single-source expertise, with unlimited calls for all your IBM BladeCenter "how-to" and usage questions. Designed to uniquely complement your existing hardware and software maintenance support, our cost-efficient solution can help you streamline your technical support, avoid downtime and maintain optimal BladeCenter performance—so you can focus on core business.

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