Software Support Services - SoftwareXcel enterprise edition for zSeries

Provides real-time, on-line technical support for the IBM System z servers.

Online service you can tailor to your business needs, to help avoid System z system software outages.



Service detail

Service details

Are you spending more time resolving problems and outages, because you don't have access to the databases you need? Or, perhaps you're lacking the staff resources you need to manage all of your software products. It can be frustrating to resolve these issues and maintain system availability and productivity without a comprehensive solution of electronic tools and usage assistance.

Access our up-to-date, comprehensive, databases to help you reduce downtime and stay productive

We offer proactive assistance, tailored to your system needs, as well as unlimited calls. We also make it easy for you to get the information you need about known software problems and download available fixes by giving you quick, electronic access to our continually updated databases. Plus, the authorized users in your organization can get answers to routine software installation and usage questions within 2 hours during prime shift and assistance with code related defect problems, within 1 hour during prime shift.

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