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Improve System z uptime with real-time databases and download fixes

Your IBM® System z® server helps drive performance and profits by integrating operating analytics with mobile transactions and enabling security-rich cloud delivery. How can you stay on top if it goes down?

Resolve for zSeries from IBM is designed to give you access to up-to-the minute databases and download fixes for System z software—when you need them. And if you don’t find answers in IBM databases, our electronic reporting feature helps make it easier and quicker for you to report problems to our specialists, who can remotely notify you with a solution.


Software Support Services – Resolve for zSeries features

More quickly identify and resolve known issues with System z software by gaining access to:

Why IBM?

IBM is an industry-leading provider of technical support services with deep expertise in key technology areas such as cloud, analytics, mobile, social computing and security. We can provide single-source support and direct access to a robust set of online tools for more rapid problem identification and resolution for your System z platform. With our global network, we offer around-the-clock access to specialists who are backed by vast IBM resources. The IBM difference is our significant experience in supporting IBM and non-IBM environments. And with a variety of options, we can deliver the service level that meets your needs.

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