Software Support Services – enterprise support option (ESO)

Get comprehensive hardware and software support tailored to your needs

You’re experiencing downtime because you can’t spare your valuable in-house resources to maintain your complex IT infrastructure. In addition, augmenting your staff with support from multiple vendors is often costly and complicated.

IBM Software Support Services – enterprise support option (ESO), when added to our custom technical support (CTS) offering, can deliver single-source hardware and software support to help you sustain IT availability and improve business efficiency.



Service detail

Service details

Your complex IT infrastructure demands 24×7 support—tailored to your unique needs—to maintain business continuity. But it can be challenging to dedicate valuable in-house resources to sustaining its availability, and that leaves you at risk for costly downtime. Moreover, if you outsource support with several different vendors, you may have to select among standard support options that don’t meet your needs—plus lose valuable time educating each vendor about your IT environment and coordinating confusing contracts.

IBM Software Support Services – enterprise support option (ESO) is designed to increase the value and features provided by our custom technical support (CTS) offering. ESO is a CTS upgrade that, when added to a CTS contract, expands coverage for your servers and/or storage products to include hardware support. It also augments the number and depth of skills provided by CTS. By choosing ESO, you can access the highest-level product-support skills available through IBM, helping you sustain higher IT availability and improve your operational efficiency.

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