Software support services - enhanced technical support

Technical Support Services

Use an integrated, proactive support approach to help improve system availability and control costs

Before you tapped into new technologies to help accelerate your IT integration and optimization, you knew the risks of increased downtime in that environment. But did you know that the cost per minute of downtime has jumped 41 percent since 2010?1 It’s time to review your infrastructure support strategy.

Software support services - enhanced technical support from IBM is designed to provide an integrated, proactive approach to support your high-availability, complex IT environment. A designated team of technical support services specialists can work as a remote extension of your IT staff.

1Ponemon Institute – Study of Data Center Outages, December 2013

Software support services - enhanced technical support features

Using advanced analytical tools, our team can monitor your IT environment and provide strategic direction based on ongoing reports to help you:

Why IBM?

IBM is an industry-leading provider of technical support services with deep expertise across the technology spectrum, including emerging areas such as cloud, analytics, mobile, social media and security (CAMSS). We have a robust support infrastructure that features:

Driving growth and innovation with a trusted support resource

A more innovative approach to technical support

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Technical support services for cloud, analytics, social computing and mobility

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