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Remote defect, usage and installation support for more than 5,000 IBM and OEM software products.



Features and benefits


Q: What is the main feature of IBM Operational Support Services - Support Line?

A: Support Line (SL) is a single, integrated, remote support solution for eligible IBM and multivendor operating systems and software products.

Q: How can I benefit from Support Line?

A: Support Line enables you to tailor remote software support to meet your business needs while providing consistent, cross-platform technical assistance and problem resolution.

Q: How will Support Line help me save money?

A: You will not need to train, maintain and staff in house experts on a constantly changing base of products and software. In addition, our technical staff is always "on call."

Q: What are some of the additional key highlights of this offering?

A: Support Line enables you to tailor software support to meet your business needs, offers consistent, high-quality technical support for both IBM and selected multivendor software, provides easy access to IBM's expert staff, and helps you get fast, accurate problem resolution.

Q: What option can I choose with the service?

A: Support Line is structured to make it easy for you to choose the support that best meets your business needs. You can choose Support Line annuity for unlimited calls at a fixed price if you have infrequent support needs.

Q: Are there related services IBM offers that coordinate with this service?

A: Yes. Support Line is our base level of customer support. You can choose to add multiple other offerings to provide comprehensive protection for your environment. For more information, contact an IBM sales specialist at 1-800-IBM-70801-800-IBM-7080, mention 6C0EDW02.




Q: Can Support Line be customized for my unique business needs?

A: The Support Line hourly option is not customizable. For Support Line annuity option, our Support Line specialists build a customer profile detailing your specific software and multivendor operating systems, so IBM can build a service plan that best supports your needs.


Getting support


Q: How do I access Support Line service?

A: Your Support Line technical support specialists are available to your staff through a toll-free, direct-access number. If you choose the Support Line annuity option, you may also have an Account Advocate team which offers personalized problem resolution.

Q: When can I access the help I need?

A: The Support Line standard coverage hours are Monday through Friday, from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm in your end user's time zone. Extended coverage hours are also available at an additional fee for Support Line annuity and hourly options.

Q: Does an IBM representative need to visit our work environment?

A: A site visit is not required.

Q: Once I sign up for Support Line, when can I start to use the service?

A: For offline purchase, you can begin using your Support Line service within 48 hours of receiving your acceptance of the IBM service agreement.

Q: How long does it take to reach a resolution on a problem?

A: Problem resolution time varies by problem type. Rest assured that we will work as quickly as possible to get you up and running.

Q: How can IBM support my non-IBM software?

A: IBM has alliances with multiple software vendors that enable us to service your account. For instance, we are now Microsoft certified.

Q: Does Support Line provide support for Linux?

A: Yes, IBM supports the Linux operating system and Linux clusters, including Linux subscripion.


Contracting and billing


Q: How long is my customized contract with IBM?

A: IBM Support Line annuity and hourly coverage terms are for a 12-month period. However, in some cases, additional months may be added.

Q: What payment options are available for this service?

A: For Support Line annuity and hourly options, IBM purchase options include: purchase orders, credit and debit cards, and monthly, quarterly or annually prepaid billing options. Help may also be available through IBM Global Financing.




Q: Who will have access to my information?

A: Only IBM.




Q: How does IBM define the term "problem?"

A: A problem is defined as a singular request for assistance on a specific product or issue.

Q: How does IBM define the term "problem resolution?"

A: A problem is resolved when we either provide the necessary answer to the stated problem, or refer you to your own in-house technical support resources or third-party service provider.

Q: How does IBM define the term "incident?"

A: An incident is defined as a single request for assistance on a specific problem or product, which may require multiple calls for resolution.

Q: What does IBM "entitlement" mean?

A: Entitlement means that service under a purchased offering is available for access and use.


Customer responsibilities


Q: Are there specific responsibilities I have as a customer of this service?

A: You must assign an internal focal person and a back up person as designated contact points. You also need to provide IBM with specific information to complete a customer profile, and maintain confidentiality of the access code.

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