Software Support Services — Account Advocate

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A single source of support for problem resolution with fast, efficient resolution by IBM product support specialists

Do you have a focal point for critical problem situations? Who monitors and tracks your account status and reported operating system issues?

Software support services - account advocate is available for IBM storage devices and IBM® System i®, IBM System p®, IBM System x® and non-IBM Intel servers. The single-source technical support interface for remote support is designed to allow you to get the answers and help you need-not raise more questions.


Software support services - account advocate features

We serve as a single interface for software & hardware issues related to eligible servers and storage devices when appropriate IBM support contracts are in place. With this offering, you get:

Why IBM?

IBM is an industry-leading provider of technical support services with deep expertise in emerging technology areas such as cloud, , analytics, mobile, social media, and security (CAMS). We have a robust support infrastructure featuring a broad portfolio of services; a global base that provides almost unparalleled access to skills and patented diagnostic and response tools; and an extensive network of partnerships that we put to work to help you more effectively manage your IT environment.

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