Software Maintenance for appliances

Mitigate risk while easing contract administration

Managing multiple contracts for your appliance support needs can be complicated, time consuming and risky. Inadvertent delays in contract renewals can result in potentially costly downtime due to a lack of technical support or software updates.

IBM Software Support Services – Software Maintenance for appliances provides a single, coterminous contract for your IBM appliance support needs, which can result in simplified administration and more rapid access to updates and technical support.



Service detail

Service details

As your appliance environment grows in size, so too does the number of maintenance services contracts you must maintain. Managing multiple appliance support contracts can be difficult and may inadvertently result in missed renewal dates. Delayed renewals can leave your business vulnerable to financial penalties or to the risk of potentially costly downtime due to lack of access to technical support for critical issues or software updates. In addition, your in-house staff may lack the expertise, tools or time necessary to quickly and efficiently resolve appliance software problems.

IBM Software Support Services – Software Maintenance for appliances enables you to combine your appliance support needs onto a single contract with coterminous end dates. This capability, available in most countries, allows you to attach your multiple appliance hardware and software maintenance contracts onto a single contract vehicle. The benefits for your business can include simplified administration, virtually uninterrupted access to crucial software updates and the ability to leverage highly skilled IBM experts for timely resolution of your appliance software issues.

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