Server checkup for OS performance and OS maintenance analysis

Get more from your server environment with a better understanding of operating system performance and maintenance

When your operating system (OS) runs into trouble, operational issues due to out of date maintenance levels and/or insufficient server resources (Processor, Memory, DASD etc) can negatively affect business operations and drive up costs in your business. The best approach is to catch problems early to help reduce the impact.

We provide server checkup for OS performance analysis and server checkup for OS maintenance analysis to help you optimize the resiliency and performance of IBM AIX®, IBM OS/400® and IBM i5/0S™ operating systems. These two offerings –performance analysis and maintenance analysis—can be purchased together or separately to meet your needs. And by letting IBM take care of your OS checkups, your staff can focus on other core business initiatives.

Server checkup for OS performance analysis and server checkup for OS maintenanceanalysis

These two services help you maintain and optimize the performance of selected operating systems. We can analyze the electronic IBM reports received monthly, determine how to optimize your server and make specific recommendations. Our services are designed to help you:

Why IBM?

IBM is an industry-leading provider of technical support services with over 20,000 systems service personnel worldwide. We have a robust support infrastructure made up of a broad portfolio of services, a global infrastructure that provides almost unparalleled access to skills, patented diagnostic and response tools including Watson4TSS, and an extensive network of partnerships.