Retail Wall-to-Wall Solution Support

Comprehensive custom support for your store—how, where and when you need it

Accessing the essential support you need for your retail equipment can be costly and expensive if you have multiple support contracts—with different start and end dates—for each piece of equipment.
IBM Retail Wall-to-Wall Solution Support is designed to simply support with a single point of accountability for all your retail maintenance needs. Our solution can provide comprehensive support, how, when and where you need it.



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Now more than ever, you need the edge against your competition. Technology that enhances your customers’ shopping experience can give you that advantage. But it may come at a hefty price: costly technological complexity. You may have 40 or more different manufacturer technologies on your sales floor and backroom alone—each with different warranty and maintenance requirements. Navigating this maze of contracts can be overwhelming—especially if you rely on your help desk to manage ongoing maintenance. IBM Retail Wall-to-Wall Solution Support is designed to make these hassles a thing of the past.

Our solution can help simplify support with a single point of management for your technology and help-desk support needs. Our global footprint, world-class technicians and access to cost-efficient parts and best-in-class vendor alliances helps ensure that we are here for you—how, where and when you need us. We can help you maintain 24×7 availability through continuous reporting, analytics and problem prevention support. Plus we can tailor support requirements to your seasonal needs.

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