Retail wall-to-wall solution support

Technical Support Services

Simplify IT and help-desk support with a single point of accountability

You need a competitive edge. Technology that enhances your customers' shopping experience can give you that advantage. But it often comes at a hefty price: system complexity. Gaining the support you need for your retail equipment—all of it—can be costly if you have multiple support contracts for each asset.

Retail wall-to-wall solution support from IBM is designed to provide robust support how, when and where you need it. You might have 40 different devices or technologies on your sales floor and back room alone—each with different warranty and maintenance requirements. Our solution can simplify support for practically all of your technology needs.

Retail wall-to-wall solution support features

IBM can reduce complexities and streamline support with a single point of contact, which helps you gain:

Why IBM?

IBM is a global, trusted, industry leader—with a forward-thinking approach and more than 100 years of experience supporting clients' business systems. Our robust support infrastructure can provide nearly unparalleled access to parts, skills, outstanding support and industry-leading vendor alliances. Through this infrastructure and our time-tested methods, we help prepare you for today's challenges and tomorrow's opportunities with cost-efficient support—how you need it, where you need it and when you need it.

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