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Optimize your older IBM technology with streamlined technical support

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Single-source support for your IBM System i, System p, System x and Blade technology

Keep your IBM systems running and proactively prevent downtime with our trusted, global support network

One-stop tech support

Pinpoint and resolve IT issues more quickly and conveniently by relying on our specialists, vast resources, advanced tools and global support network.

Protect your brand

Around-the-clock problem ownership can resolve issues more quickly and help you avoid missed service levels.

Simplify technical support

Gain more efficient support with one contract, one invoice and one phone number.

Enhance availability

Bounce back from downtime more quickly with the help of IBM specialists.

Services we offer

Customize your support services based on your system requirements

Proactive services

  • Microcode analysis (varies by product)
  • Media retention solutions
  • Machine code upgrade
  • Onsite problem determination

Client care services with an assigned remote account manager

  • Service review
  • Account profile
  • Technical support plan (periodically)
  • Problem record reports (periodically)
  • Coordination of proactive services

Hardware maintenance

  • 24x7 same-day onsite response

Software maintenance

  • Remote voice support
  • Support Line 24x7 response Severity 1
    (when your systems are inoperable)

Need help selecting the support options that are best for you? Contact your IBM representative at 1-888-426-4258.

Additional Support Options

Support from US citizen specialists

Hardware support from US citizens located in the United States to help you manage requirements for security and privacy

Media & Hard Disk Retention (736 KB)

Simplify your asset tracking, depreciation and budget planning by embedding media retention into the support expense. Retain failed media that might contain sensitive data

Unique Advantages of IBM

Support from IBM Watson

Technology support for your IBM machines is powered by IBM Watson - a cognitive computing engine that helps resolve problems more quickly and on the first contact.

Forward Thinking, Global Reach

With 585 parts stocking locations and service in 181 countries, IBM can meet your support needs where ever and whenever

IBM Call Home

Embedded in most IBM Systems, IBM Call Home notifies IBM support electronically when problems may arise, allowing IBM to start problem determination and resolution immediately.


Driving growth and innovation with a trusted support resource

A more innovative approach to technical support

Time is money and downtime is expensive

Even the best-run IT departments are vulnerable to unexpected downtime. It pays to have a robust technical support strategy.

How much is software complexity costing you?

It takes a tightly integrated IT environment to make your business successful. A single software issue can create havoc.

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