Performance management for Power Systems

Help optimize your IBM Power Systems with comprehensive performance data

Without performance data for your IBM AIX and IBM i systems, it can be difficult to determine the possibilities and limitations of your IT infrastructure. Accessing this data on your own or through multiple vendors can be costly and time-consuming.

IBM Solution Support Services – performance management for Power Systems (PM) can provide single-source and comprehensive performance, capacity and utilization graphs to help you optimize your IBM systems for peak operating efficiency.



Service detail

Service details

If your IBM AIX or IBM i system and its operating system (OS) aren’t running efficiently, the rest of your hardware and software will follow its lead—potentially resulting in increased downtime, capacity shortfalls and missed business opportunities. Access to current and long-term OS performance, capacity and utilization data can help you take proactive steps to prevent these problems and mitigate financial surprises. It can also help you plan for the future and build a more dynamic IT infrastructure.

IBM Solution Support Services – performance management for Power Systems™ (PM) can provide a single source for the data you need to help optimize the performance and utilization of your Power Systems running on AIX or i. ¹ Our advanced online programs let you see how efficiently your OS is using its resources. You can also customize the data reports, graphs and charts. And you can use this information to implement new business strategies, size upgrades, avoid problems and make more effective maintenance, operations and capacity planning decisions.

For more information, visit the IBM PM for Power Systems website

¹ Our offering supports IBM AIX or IBM i installed on IBM Power Systems (including IBM System i®, IBM System p® and IBM Power Blade servers).

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