Onsite problem determination option

Technical Support Services

Let our specialists help simplify the management of onsite problem determination and problem source identification

The base warranty for your selected IBM storage products comes with access to IBM Remote Support Center. But what if you want help with problem determination on your premises—not just on the phone?

IBM offers the onsite problem determination option for selected IBM storage products as an upgrade to your warranty or maintenance contract. We send highly trained technicians to your location to quickly find and address problems at their source. This upgrade option helps you simplify technical support processes, increase systems availability and ultimately spend less time worrying about technical issues.

Onsite problem determination option features

Onsite problem determination option dispatches skilled technicians to your location to help perform problem determination, problem-source identification, and repair or parts replacement. We help you:

Why IBM?

IBM has decades of experience, a global infrastructure and over 24,000 systems service personnel worldwide. We have a robust, scalable portfolio of services that spans a spectrum of service levels from basic to managed to proactive and preventive.

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