Multi-vendor IT Support Solutions

Technical Support Services

A single-point of accountability allows you to simplify your multi-vendor relationships

Corporations are looking to reduce operational costs while optimizing availability and time savings. IBM is a provider that offers the confidence to manage all your multi-vendor technical support.

Alleviates lack of accountability

Streamline technical support with one service provider without you having to manage the burden of coordinating communication between vendors

Creating innovative maintenance solutions

Managed maintenance offerings enable organizations to focus on other critical priorities with IBM providing proactive guidance and advice

Reduce downtime

Helps improved reliability, efficiency and reduce costs

Services we offer

ATM and branch services

Use analytics-based, proactive technical support to help optimize ATM and branch services availability

Enterprise availability management

Proactively manage your IT infrastructure availability using ITIL-based services

Integrated multivendor support

Provides lifecycle-based recommendations concerning what hardware should be kept on OEM maintenance, moved to IBM maintenance or replaced.

Managed maintenance services

Simplify maintenance across your multivendor enterprise with a single point of accountability

Managed technical support and lifecycle maintenance

Support solutions to manage and refresh your IT assets, so that IT can focus on your core business and drive innovation

Managed vendor support services

Focus on core business by outsourcing warranty and maintenance services for your equipment manufacturer’s hardware and software products

Understand the issues

Multivendor IT environment dangling by a thread?

Technology is getting more complex. The more integrated and optimized your IT environment is, the higher the cost per minute of downtime or degraded performance

Understand the options

Preemptive technical support and IT inventory discovery

Streamline IT inventory, code currency and contract management

Time is money and downtime is expensive

One communication to IBM can solve it all

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