IBM Managed Vendor Support Services (MVSS)

Technical Support Services

Focus on core business by outsourcing warranty and maintenance services for your equipment manufacturer’s hardware and software products

Your manufacturing organization needs to provide reliable warranty and maintenance support for its hardware and software products. But building and maintaining a technical support infrastructure requires time, money and ongoing resources—which can be expensive and may delay your time to market. And if you want to support new markets or expand your reach to a global base of users, you need to have an infrastructure equipped to handle worldwide support requests. But where do you start?


IBM Managed Vendor Support Services (MVSS) helps your manufacturing organization outsource warranty and maintenance support for software and hardware. With MVSS, you benefit from IBM’s world-class infrastructure, services and expertise to deliver reliable technical support to your customers. Our services help:

How it works

IBM MVSS gives you the resources and abilities you need to provide timely, streamlined warranty and maintenance support. Our services can provide:

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Post-sales technical support for your products

IBM Managed Vendor Support Services