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The inability to access timely support or software updates for your Cisco products can result in potentially costly network downtime or performance issues. Moreover, using multiple vendors for your support needs can increase risk and complexity.

IBM Hardware Maintenance Services – maintenance for non-IBM products – managed maintenance solutions (MMS) for Cisco products can help you improve Cisco product performance with robust break-fix support, software updates and hardware replacements.

Middleware implementation - rapid deployment services features

IBM helps you enhance the speed and reliability of complex middleware deployments with an automated and pattern-driven approach. We have 200+ patterns ready for automated deployment. You get:



Lack of access to quick and reliable technical support for your Cisco products—or inconsistent levels of support from multiple vendors—can leave your business vulnerable to increased risks and complexities. You need a valid Cisco service agreement to enjoy easy access to much-needed support and crucial software updates. You also need a reliable partner who can act as a single source for all your Cisco product support needs.

IBM Hardware Maintenance Services – maintenance for non-IBM products – managed maintenance solutions (MMS) for Cisco products can support the enhanced availability and performance of your network environment with software updates, hardware replacements and around-the-clock break-fix support for your Cisco hardware, applications, operating systems and Cisco-Tandberg TelePresence products.

This support service includes IBM’s intelligent network support which can bring state of the art collector technology into your network environment to comprehensively catalog the hardware, firmware, software, and other elements that can affect network availability and performance. IBM then filters this data through a variety of manufacturers’ and IBM databases to identify any number of different exposures including:

With IBM as your partner, you can receive world-class support from a single, trusted service provider and direct access to Cisco product experts for faster issue resolution.

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