Maintenance for Media Retention

Help protect sensitive data by keeping your replaced media components in-house

Your customer information is your most valuable asset. But if your hard drive or flash memory needs to be replaced, these media components will be returned to the manufacturer and may be refurbished and resold. How can you protect media components that you no longer possess?

IBM’s media retention offering helps you keep your hard drives and flash memory components for IBM products that are replaced for service repair—so you can maintain chain-of-custody control at all times and protect them on premises.



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Hard drives and flash memory components can fail at any moment. Typically, replaced media components are returned to the manufacturer and can be refurbished and sold as used returnable parts. But if confidential data is exposed, your organization may face penalties from noncompliance with privacy regulations and incur negative consequences to your reputation and brand.

IBM Maintenance Services – media retention can help. Our solution provides for media component retention by allowing you to keep your hard drives and flash memory components for IBM products that have been replaced as a service repair action. Our offering helps you:

IBM is uniquely positioned to provide specialized technical support for your IBM storage environment. Our fixed-price, fixed-scope offering is provided as a maintenance service enhancement—so you can plan your budget more easily.

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