Media retention solution

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Help protect sensitive data by keeping your replaced media components

When media components like flash memory and hard drives are replaced, they are usually returned to the manufacturer and may be refurbished and sold. But this creates a security risk—how can you protect data on media components you no longer have?

IBM’s media retention solution helps you retain failed hard drives and flash memory components for IBM products that are replaced for service repair. By keeping replaced devices on your premises and maintaining chain-of-custody for regulatory management, you can better safeguard sensitive data.

Media retention solution features

IBM provides the media retention solution as a warranty enhancement and distributes the cost of the service over time as an operational expense. Our offering helps you:

Why IBM?

IBM has deep knowledge of IBM products and is uniquely positioned to provide specialized technical support for your storage environment. We have over 24,000 systems service personnel worldwide and years of expertise in delivering high-quality technical support to complex, multiproduct IT environments. Our fixed-price, fixed-scope offering is provided as a maintenance service enhancement—so you can plan your budget more easily.


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