Intellectual Property Protection and Compliance for IBM Hardware and Software

You depend on your IBM systems - make sure they're licensed for current updates

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Keep your IBM technology in compliance

Things change. Agreements expire. People leave. Without the proper disciplines, you can lose track of your inventory.

Keeping your IBM technology current helps you stay competitive; maintaining your licenses helps ensure that you continue to access the support and updates you need to achieve optimal performance of your IBM systems.

Within large or distributed IT environments, code updates might be done remotely, possibly resulting in updates being applied to unentitled machines. This puts you at risk of being noncompliant with intellectual property rules.

Guides to help you understand compliance best practices and how to keep your systems properly updated:

IBM Power Systems and System Storage IBM z Systems

Assess your support coverage needs


Inventory your devices by machine type and serial number.


Identify the machines for which you want hardware and software maintenance coverage.


Compare this group with current IBM agreements, and identify coverage gaps.


Consult with your IT staff to verify support coverage needs based on your previous support requirements.


Procure the hardware and software support that meets your needs with help from your IBM representative.

IBM machine code and software policies and practices

Fix Central

Fixes and updates for your system's software, hardware and operating system

Inventory and maintenance FAQs

IBM License Information documents

IBM License Agreement for Machine Code

IBM Software policies

IBM standard agreements

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