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Enhance high availability through preventive maintenance across platforms.

Obsolete microcode can lead to pitfalls like systems failures and downtime. That’s why it’s more important than ever to keep your microcode current. But analyzing and determining necessary microcode updates are not simple tasks.

IBM provides microcode support services to help analyze, identify and update microcode versions during planned preventive maintenance of your environment. This offering, available with IBM maintenance contracts or during the warranty period, provides an integrated microcode maintenance approach across a variety of IBM platforms.

Microcode support services features

With deep insight into the intricacies of microcode, our experienced specialists perform an analysis of your environment and proactively apply solutions before your business is impacted by issues. IBM microcode support services helps:

Why IBM?

IBM has developed and researched supported platforms and is well equipped with the skills and expertise required to analyze and update microcode. We have a virtually unmatched reputation of service delivery and decades of experience successfully maintaining complex IT environments. We are the original equipment manufacturers (OEM) for microcode support and have an advantage due to the intellectual property of microcode.

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