Hardware Maintenance Services-maintenance enhancements-microcode support

Enhancing high availability through preventive maintenance across IBM platforms

Today's fast-paced business world is continually adding stresses to your IT infrastructure. Downtime due to out-of-date microcode can result in loss of revenue and productivity, but your IT staff may not have the skills or time to provide proactive microcode updates. IBM Hardware Maintenance Services-maintenance enhancements-microcode support supplies preventive maintenance across multiple platforms, including IBM storage systems, System x™, System p™, System i™ and Power™ Systems.

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IBM helps you enhance the speed and reliability of complex middleware deployments with an automated and pattern-driven approach. We have 200+ patterns ready for automated deployment. You get:


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Managing microcode analysis and updates before problems arise

If you're like most organizations, your business is highly dependent upon your IT infrastructure. Should obsolete microcode cause system failure, your operations can come to a halt-and security issues might arise. Chances are your in-house IT staff is already preoccupied, or they may lack the detailed knowledge needed to assess microcode intricacies. If your business has multiple locations, the logistics of maintaining microcode across your enterprise can be cumbersome.

IBM Hardware Maintenance Services-maintenance enhancements-microcode support can help you by identifying and updating microcode versions during planned preventive maintenance of your environment. This service, available with IBM maintenance contracts or during the warranty period, offers an integrated microcode maintenance approach across IBM System x™, System p™, System i™ and Power™ Systems platforms. Experienced service specialists perform the time-consuming analysis of your environment and can apply solutions before your business is impacted by problems. You can schedule updates with minimal disruption.

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