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Build a more flexible server environment with a faster return on investment

It’s no secret that mobile, social and big data are top business priorities today. Users demand full service from mobile devices and instant access to data and apps—on their terms. Every day, they’re generating a vast amount of data, and you have to manage and analyze it. How do you handle it all?

Cloud technology can support the flexibility and performance you need to address mobile, social and big data demands. Services for IBM Flex, IBM PureFlex® and IBM System x® products help you capitalize on new technology and better use your existing IT assets to transform your data center by bringing together servers, networking and storage—all under integrated management.


We provide a wide range of services for Flex, PureFlex and System x technology designed to accelerate your return on investment (ROI). You get:

Our specialists help your business support next-generation applications for big data and analytics and cognitive computing that are transforming how organizations work today. IBM provides highly skilled technical professionals who use deep product knowledge, project management skills and time-tested methods to facilitate an efficient implementation or migration of Flex, PureFlex and System x technology in your IT environment.

Services we offer

Implementation services for IBM Flex System

Implement, virtualize and deploy a private cloud on IBM Flex System

Implementation services for IBM System x products

Facilitate a smoother implementation of IBM System x technology

Understand the issues

Total cost of ownership (TCO) analysis

Compare the total cost of ownership for the IBM PureFlex System versus a traditional dedicated or virtualized IT infrastructure

Understand the options

IBM Flex System Solution for SmartCloud Orchestrator — Powerful pattern-based cloud technology

Whether a brand new installation requiring workload migration, or a graceful addition required to coexist within an operational environment, this solution will fit the needs.