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Gain faster time to value while accelerating the adoption of IBM® System z® server technology

The mainframe has long been the IT industry's leading platform for transaction processing and data serving. Today, IBM System z servers are continuing to help clients innovate in an information-centric world heavy on data and short on time.

IBM services for System z servers are designed to quickly realize the benefits of a flexible, resilient infrastructure without getting lost in the complexity of planning, migrating or implementing new server capabilities. Set your business goals and IT objectives for your new or existing System z environment—then let our server product services help you reach them more efficiently and effectively.

Services for System z servers features

IBM services for System z servers offer skilled resources, best practices and tools to help migrate or upgrade to a new configuration in a System z environment. Our broad range of services can help you achieve:


Why IBM?

Whether you’re considering an operating system upgrade, a change in platform or acquisition of a new System z machine, we can help you successfully plan, install, configure, migrate and test the new environment. Our extensive mainframe experience and global capabilities, combined with industry best practices and project management skills, help provide efficient planning, migration, implementation and deployment with reduced risk.

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