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Use an automated, pattern-driven approach to help deploy middleware rapidly

Implementing and managing middleware can be difficult and costly. And as technology becomes more complex, deploying multiple middleware products across varied environments can involve longer time frames - not to mention higher costs and risks.

Middleware implementation -- rapid deployment services from IBM can help you speed time to value by providing an integrated solution for complex, multiproduct deployments.


IBM helps you enhance the speed and reliability of complex middleware deployments with an automated and pattern-driven approach. We have 200+ patterns ready for automated deployment. You get:

IBM can provide an automated solution for complex, multiproduct deployments to help reduce installation, configuration and integration time, error rates and the need for specialized skills. Using an automated, pattern-driven approach that includes testing and validation, our solution can improve the quality of product implementations while speeding time to value. Our deep product knowledge, rapid deployment services architecture and tool - along with years of experience - enable us to more quickly deploy your multivendor products and deliver tested, production-ready environments.

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