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Enable a self-optimizing, software-defined environment that dynamically sources infrastructure for increased efficiency

New technology trends call for a new approach to your data center. Transitioning to a software-defined environment (SDE) helps your organization gain a competitive edge. An SDE dynamically optimizes infrastructure based on application requirements, availability and service-level policies. Using cognitive computing and advanced analytics, this intelligent software can learn from experience to prepare for future scenarios. IBM provides services to help you adopt a dynamic hybrid approach to your data center—so you can operate more pervasively in the cloud while supporting other leading-edge technologies such as mobile, social and analytics.

Optimize response
Optimize your compute, storage, network and facilities infrastructure so it can adapt to the type of workload required with more efficiency

Operate in the cloud
Free applications and processes from the physical infrastructure and operate in the cloud for increased flexibility, while managing security and compliance mandates

Prepare for future workloads

The SDE uses cognitive learning to adjust workloads and update associated policies to help streamline future requests

IBM's vision for the next-generation data center

What does the next-generation data center look like? View the infographic

The next-generation data center answers the need for a simpler, adaptive infrastructure, able to respond to disruptive change, melt technology silos and integrate legacy and new architectures in a single, manageable ecosystem. It is a software defined environment (SDE) in which server, storage, network and facilities resources are automatically provisioned and configured by software programmed to understand and adapt decisions to the requirements of each workload in real time.

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