Consolidate and virtualize

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Reign in infrastructure sprawl to save costs and improve efficiency

As your data center grows, increased complexity can lead to a host of issues: infrastructure sprawl, high maintenance costs and lack of flexibility—just to name a few.

Consolidating and virtualizing your infrastructure is one of the first steps for creating a more optimized, cloud-ready data center. To get started, it is important to evaluate and rationalize your IT services and corresponding workloads. Then, you can approach the underlying infrastructure to consolidate and virtualize systems. An optimized data center helps you save on energy, costs, space and labor while improving asset utilization. IBM provides a range of services that can help.

Consolidate systems
Improve asset utilization and reduce infrastructure sprawl

Virtualize assets
Reduce energy demands, expand capacity and build the foundation for cloud computing—and ultimately social, mobile and analytics

Help save costs
Reduce inefficiencies in your data center to help save on energy, costs, space and labor

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