Hybrid cloud enablement
with Cloud Brokerage

Cloud brokerage gives your IT organization visibility and governance, without sacrificing speed and business agility.

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What is Cloud Services Brokerage?

Cloud Services Brokerage provides the processes, technology and expertise to run your IT as a Business. Cloud Services Brokerage is part of IBM Services Platform with Watson, so you infuse automation and cognition into how you consume, deliver and govern across your hybrid cloud environment.

Cloud Services Brokerage benefits everyone in the enterprise, giving developers a self-service store to easily and quickly procure IT services; providing IT efficiency and management tools in a single comprehensive system; and securing the CIO and CFO visibility and governance.

How does Cloud Services Brokerage transform your role?

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Visibility and Governance First

What's the first step in your hybrid cloud journey? A single view into your hybrid usage and cost. So you can quickly focus on variances and deviations with assets and cost across different suppliers. Not easy to do these days with purchasing happening outside of IT's purview and across multiple providers.

Now, how about a view that leverages data, insights and knowledge? So you can drive ongoing optimization and make better decisions. With Watson— continually learning and adapting — you get recommendations to better manage cloud usage, reduce risk and optimize cost.

The power to bring visibility and governance to your cloud resources is the power to meet your budget and performance objectives.

Experience one of the key capabilities of IBM Cloud Brokerage Managed Services

Wherever you are at in your hybrid cloud journey, the analytics driven capabilities and multi-sourcing showcased in this tool are the foundation for cloud brokerage services that can help you adopt an ITaaS delivery model.

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