Systems services

End-to-end services to activate, build, manage and maintain your key systems.

IBM provides end-to-end services designed to activate, build, manage and maintain leading manufacturers such as IBM®, Sun Microsystems®, HP® and Microsoft® Leveraging these platforms, we have standardized and automated delivery of systems services designed to allow you to benefit from tested server builds, analysis tools and maintenance programs.

IBM maintains the staff, spare parts and vendor contacts to deliver against industry-leading service level objectives

Leveraging process and workflow automations, and reference builds,we can quickly deploy some of the most stable system configurations in the industry.



For your security, we have employed a number of system level components, including:

Service detail

Service details

Additionally,we provide system updates and OS upgrades to address any known security holes or performance degradations.Upgrades and patches are communicated with you and tested prior to rollout. Upgrades are performed on rebuilt environments -both helping to speed up the process and provide easy rollback in the event of an upgrade failure.

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