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Optimize your space with a cloud-based virtualization solution. A cloud-based desktop environment from IBM can streamline support to help control costs and enable security-rich access to corporate application and data.

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Access an enterprise-class virtual infrastructure with cloud-based storage, desktop and infrastructure as a service (IaaS) solutions from IBM. Built using IBM architectures, management tools and assets—hardened in numerous customer cloud engagements and IBM’s internal cloud implementations—our storage and virtualization solutions are designed to meet your enterprise needs for scalability and security while helping you reduce capital and operational costs.

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    Store your data in the cloud

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    Virtualize your infrastructure with cloud

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    SoftLayer. The Power of it All.

    Have it all. Bare metal with cloud agility. Cloud instance with predictable performance. One portal, one API, one platform.

IBM SmartCloud Enterprise

See how you may be able to reduce operational costs up to 50%

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