Softek zDMF

Migrate datasets immediately without disrupting applications in the z/OS mainframe environment

Are you procuring, consolidating or relocating mainframe storage? Are you using or considering Extended Address Volumes (EAVs)? Do you have critical DB2® applications? IBM Data Mobility Services - Softek z/OS® Dataset Mobility Facility (zDMF) host-based software migrates datasets nondisruptively across virtually all major hardware vendors and between different disk capacities without disrupting applications. With Softek zDMF, you now have an alternative to time-consuming manual dataset-level migrations. Softek zDMF can help speed deployment of new storage technology by migrating datasets nondisruptively and enabling MOD consolidation of any size - including MOD 3 to MOD 92, MOD 54 and EAVs. By providing the ability to better manage unit control blocks (UCBs) as well as the ability to group datasets for easier management of large-scale migrations, Softek zDMF can help you immediately address performance issues and improve storage efficiencies while potentially lowering labor costs and reducing lease and maintenance overlap expenses. Softek zDMF is ideal for DB2 databases to help provide immediate performance improvement as well as immediate reclamation and redeployment of storage.



Service detail

Service detail

Delivering a nondisruptive data migration solution to help reduce your overall storage costs - regardless of vendor and disk capacity

Many IT organizations want to take advantage of the large-capacity volumes on today's more cost-effective, high-performance storage subsystems, but are faced with complex and disruptive data migrations that negatively impact their business applications. Because data conversion onto large volumes is time consuming and involves long application outages, IT specialists across organizations recognize the need for tools that can help them move data with greater flexibility, efficiency and reliability at a lower cost while also enabling greater responsiveness to a dynamic marketplace.

IBM Data Mobility Services - Softek z/OS® Dataset Mobility Facility (zDMF) host-based software is designed to move critical allocated mainframe datasets while helping to ensure your applications remain online and available. By using dataset grouping and migration control through an online Interactive System Productivity Facility (ISPF) interface, Softek zDMF provides an alternative to time-consuming manual dataset-level migrations. With the capability to migrate groups of datasets across major hardware vendors and between different disk capacities, Softek zDMF helps you move away from error-prone manual dataset-level migrations, avoid downtime that can impact operations and service-level agreements (SLAs), and reduce the complexity of managing large migrations. And with an accelerated dataset migration, you can reduce the cost of deploying new mainframe storage while helping to lower IT labor costs and minimize lease and maintenance overlaps - all while virtually eliminating outages.

Providing dataset-level migrations without affecting application availability

This host-based software migrates datasets nondisruptively across major hardware vendors and different disk capacities without disrupting applications - freeing you from manual dataset migration and potentially speeding deployment of new storage technology. Softek zDMF enables MOD consolidation of any size, including MOD 3, MOD 9 and MOD 54, as well as Extended Address Volumes (EAV) capability. Through streamlining of closed dataset copying, Softek zDMF enables you to copy data for datasets that are closed when migration begins, allowing for faster migration of datasets not in use. Because Softek zDMF also helps to simplify the pre-migration process and provides the ability to immediately address unpredictable performance issues, you can see improved performance and potentially lower costs through improved storage efficiencies.

Establishing effective UCB management and extent consolidation

Moving and consolidating datasets from multiple smaller-volume subsystems to larger-volume subsystems can enhance unit control block (UCB) management. Additionally, Softek zDMF can complete an IBM DB2® data migration without application outage, enabling you to immediately reclaim hundreds of UCBs that can be used to support new business expansion initiatives. Softek zDMF software helps you increase system growth by:




Software Supports all IBM MVS™ software-based operating systems that are currently supported by IBM (for example, IBM z/OS Version 1.6 software and above, including Version 1.10). IBM Data Mobility Services - Softek TDMF® is recommended but not required.

Hardware Supports 3380 and 3390 volumes formatted with IBM z/OS technology supporting count key data/extended (CKD/E) format. To utilize EAV capabilities, z/OS Version 1.10 software must be installed.

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