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Migrating data across heterogeneous storage environments can be risky, disruptive, time consuming and expensive. You need the right expertise to achieve a nondisruptive data migration that helps ensure continuous application availability.

IBM Data Mobility Services – Softek Transparent Data Migration Facility (TDMF®) z/OS® uses skilled experts for a more reliable data migration, helping reduce the risk of disruptions or outages and enabling continuous application availability.


Migrating data can have potentially disastrous effects, including planned or unplanned downtime, loss of revenue, unavailability of crucial applications and erosion of end-user experience. To ensure a productive data migration, you need a migration solution that is less complex, yet compatible with multivendor storage environments. Successful data migration requires careful planning and the services of skilled storage specialists. You need an end-to-end, nondisruptive data mobility solution that can help you avoid the risk of data loss and also ensure high data integrity during data migration.

IBM Data Mobility Services – Softek Transparent Data Migration Facility (TDMF®) z/OS® is end-to-end, host-based software that can enable local or global data migration for IBM z/OS mainframes across multivendor storage arrays. Our solution uses a standard data mobility process to help reduce the impact on storage subsystems when large databases or applications are migrated, enabling continuous application availability, reduced risk of data loss and high data integrity. We have gained expertise from executing over 2,500 nondisruptive migrations in over 800 companies worldwide.

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