Server and storage onsite daily assist

Gain the ability to accelerate returns on your server
and storage investments

You’ve invested in the technology, but are you equipped to employ it?

High costs and lack of in-house skills can complicate implementing new server and storage products. To optimize your return on investment (ROI), you need an efficient plan that helps you implement and adopt new technology quickly and smoothly.

Server and storage onsite daily assist from IBM is designed to reduce total cost of ownership and implement new technology more quickly — with reduced disruption to your daily business activities.

Server and storage onsite daily assist features

Enlist IBM to put your new server and storage technology to work. With server and storage on-site daily assist, you get:

  • Accelerated ROI

    Helps enable a faster, smoother implementation of IBM server and storage technology

  • Reduced costs

    We implement your system components to help reduce costs

  • Reduced risk

    IBM specialists plan an implementation designed to reduce business disruption risks

  • Site evaluation

    Our technical specialists coordinate physical planning and configuration sessions

  • Testing

    IBM verifies product testing, reducing the need for additional in-house resources

  • Flexible choices

    Contracting options help support your dynamic staffing requirements

  • More predictability

    Fixed prices help reduce the complexities and costs that arise during the implementation process

  • Onsite training

    Basic instruction helps increase employee understanding of key implementation aspects and product features

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Why IBM?

Based on experience gained from thousands of client engagements, our skilled server and storage specialists apply time-tested methods and techniques to help you enjoy a smooth implementation of new technology while keeping your in-house resources available to address other business priorities. With IBM, you can turn to one trusted vendor to purchase hardware and software — along with the services you need to implement them. With a robust solution provided by IBM, you can benefit from an updated environment designed to accommodate your business requirements.

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