Migration Services for System z data

Help planning and assisting in the nondisruptive migration of data to your new or existing IBM TotalStorage disk system

Businesses today require efficient and accurate data migration, most often performed in a manner that allows continuous data availability during the data move.



Service detail

Service detail

The IBM Migraton Services for System z data offering provides professional services performed by technical specialists to help plan and assist in the nondisruptive migration of data to your new or existing IBM TotalStorage® disk system. IBM uses technology such as Softek Transparent Data Migration Facility (TDMF™) in executing these projects.

Beyond providing support for moving data to IBM System Storage™ products, IBM can also help you move data among disk systems from other leading original storage manufacturers.

The migration can be accomplished using hardware or software that allows direct access storage device (DASD) volumes to be copied to new storage devices without interruption of data availability. We can work with your personnel to plan the data migration activities, and can install the migration software or migration hardware tool(s) on yoursystem(s).

At the completion of these services, data can be transferred from your existing 3380/3390 formatted DASD volumes to the TotalStorage disk system. If the scope of projects includes migration of data among other vendor storage systems, this work can be completed using a common methodology and toolset, such as Softek TDMF and Softek Logical Data Migration Facility (zDMF™). You can receive a migration control book, detailing the work performed during our delivery of the services.

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