Implementation services for IBM XIV Storage System

Accelerate returns on your storage technology investments

Organizations that seek faster returns on their investment need a comprehensive, quick and efficient implementation of IBM® XIV® Storage System. However, using in-house resources to achieve this task can be time consuming and expensive.

IBM Implementation Services for disk systems – IBM XIV Storage System offers comprehensive technical expertise to enable reliable implementation—practically eliminating the need for in-house resources and helping accelerate return on your investment.



Service detail

Service details

In today's fast-paced environment, as the amount of critical information continues to increase, efficiently managing and storing data is more challenging than ever. To meet business goals and compliance issues, companies need to more easily store and access their most important asset—their proprietary data. But in a competitive marketplace, your organization cannot afford to lag behind or experience disruptions when implementing IBM XIV Storage System technology. You need a more efficient implementation plan that reduces the impact to your business.

IBM Implementation Services for disk systems – IBM XIV Storage System can help accelerate the implementation—and the value—of your storage solution. Using a comprehensive approach, our highly skilled storage specialists can provide planning, implementation, configuration, testing and basic skills instruction services. By practically eliminating the need to have skilled in-house resources, we help you focus on higher priority business initiatives. With our solution, you can more quickly realize the return on storage technology investments while reducing the risk of disruption to your operations.

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