Implementation Services for storage software - SAN fabric components

Minimize business disruption with rapid, effective implementation of SAN fabric components

If you have you recently invested in a new IBM storage area network (SAN) solution, does your in-house staff have the required expertise, skills and time to implement your solution? IBM Implementation Services for storage software - SAN fabric components can provide highly skilled storage specialists, who use strong project management skills and knowledge to help you plan, implement, configure, test and provide basic skills instruction for SAN fabric components, including IBM, Cisco, and Brocade switches and routers. We can help you promptly realize the benefits of your storage area network, including simplified storage management, scalability, flexibility, increased application availability and improved data access.



Service detail

Service details

Facilitating timely, seamless implementation of your storage area network fabric components

With ever-increasing requirements and demand for information access, your storage needs are probably greater than ever before. But implementing new storage technology can mean downtime, business disruption and lost revenue. Does your in-house IT staff have the skills, resources and time required to successfully implement your solution promptly and effectively?

IBM Implementation Services for storage software - SAN fabric components offers access to highly skilled IBM storage specialists who leverage technical expertise and project management skills to facilitate a predictable implementation without diverting your in-house IT resources. We can help you streamline the implementation and integration of storage area network (SAN) fabric components such as IBM, Cisco and Brocade switches and routers in your storage area network to help accelerate your return on your storage investment.

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