Scale Out Network Attached Storage (SONAS)

Optimize your implementation to more quickly realize the benefits from your storage solution

Implementing your new storage technology can result in business disruptions if your in-house resources lack the necessary technical expertise and experience. To help provide a smoother implementation that meets your requirements, IBM Implementation Services for IBM Scale Out Network Attached Storage offers the experience and expertise of highly skilled IBM storage specialists to help you more effectively plan for, configure, test and implement your SONAS system.


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Making storage implementation faster, more cost effective and less risky

Rising demand for new storage and data management solutions, escalating IT costs and a lack of skilled professionals for storage implementation can prevent you from quickly realizing the full benefit of your new storage investments. You need a rapid implementation that is efficient and reduces the impact on your business.

IBM Implementation Services for Network Attached Storage systems – IBM Scale Out Network Attached Storage (SONAS) can help speed the implementation—and the time to value—of your storage solution. This robust service is delivered by IBM’s global pool of highly skilled storage specialists and includes planning, configuration, testing and implementation of your SONAS system. We can facilitate a more predictable, less risky implementation that can reduce business disruption and help you to more quickly take advantage of the enhanced features and functionality of your storage solution.

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