Implementation Services for disk systems – IBM Storwize V7000

Implement IBM Storwize V7000 with ease for faster return on investment

Many organizations want to accelerate their returns on investment in IBM disk system technology but do not have the in-house skills to complete the implementation or may wish to leave skilled resources focused on higher priority business initiatives.

IBM Implementation Services for disk systems – IBM® Storwize® V7000 provides highly skilled storage specialists located worldwide to facilitate a more predictable implementation that can help reduce business disruption and risk.



Service detail

Service details

In today’s fast-paced environment, as the amount of critical information continues to increase, efficiently managing and storing data is a growing challenge. Your organization cannot afford to lag behind the competition or to experience lengthy business disruptions when implementing new storage technology. You need to accelerate implementation to realize the return on your investment more quickly, but you may not have the in-house expertise available to complete the implementation. You need an efficient implementation plan that minimizes the impact on your business.

IBM Implementation Services for disk systems – IBM Storwize V7000 can help you streamline the implementation of your storage solution. Using a comprehensive approach, our highly skilled storage specialists provide planning, implementation, configuration, testing and basic skills instruction to help you eliminate the need for in-house resources skilled in the technology and free up your IT staff to focus on other higher priority business initiatives. By enabling you to take advantage of new storage technology more quickly while minimizing business disruptions, IBM Implementation Services for disk systems – IBM Storwize V7000 can help accelerate the return on your investment in IBM storage technology.

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