Implementation and Migration Services for Tape Systems

Get more timely and effective use out of your tape system
products with IBM implementation and migration services

Like many businesses, you face pressure to optimize your storage environment for increased IT efficiency, shorter backup and recovery times and better application availability. You want to realize the benefits of your tape system products more quickly and with limited disruption to your business operations.

IBM Implementation Services for tape systems can help you plan, implement, configure and test tape systems products. We provide skills instruction for your personnel on key aspects of the implementation and product features.

IBM migration services for tape systems are designed to help simplify the migration of data to new tape technology. Our specialists have strong tape product skills, methods and tools to help simplify your tape migration, from any vendor.

What we offer

IBM Virtualization Engine TS7700

Support reduced risk, costs and complexity with a more effective implementation

Tape encryption and key management

Implement IBM tape drives and libraries with integrated hardware enryption capabilities and key management system software

Implementation services for TS7650 ProtecTIER replication

Implement ProtecTIER replication technology more quickly and efficiently

Implementation Services - for LTO tape library

Provides a successful tape library implementation and assures that the LTO library works with your back-up and recovery system

Implementation Services for Virtual Tape Server advanced policy management

Design and use policy management functions to improve dual copy, cache management, selective peer-to-peer copy mode, or volume pooling.

Copy export merge services for IBM TS7740 storage clusters

Perform a more reliable copy expert merge operation for your TS7740 cluster

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