Data Migration Services

From here to there - quickly, safely
and without disruption

Migrate data more efficiently while reducing costs and increasing productivity

Migrating data can prove to be complex, risky and expensive if not planned well. Besides, data migration can adversely impact application availability and performance. But, migrating data with IBM Data Migration Services for storage—network, storage area, data, NAS, tape, open systems or more—can help reduce the costs, complexity and risks involved in data migration. We provide the services of skilled professionals who leverage time-tested technology and experience gained from more than 1,800 data migration projects to help enable a more streamlined migration of data. We offer data migration services that allow you to move stored data without disrupting application availability and business operations. Using a unified approach and tool set, we can help you move data within cloud, mainframe or open systems environments—irrespective of your storage environment.

What we offer


Data migration for IBM Storwize V7000 storage system

Enable more efficient data migration to IBM Storwize V7000


Data migration with IBM Softek TDMF

Enable nondisruptive data migrations with predictable outcomes


Migration Services for open systems attached to TotalStorage disk systems

Get help planning and managing nondisruptive migration of data to a TotalStorage disk environment


Implementation services for system storage copy functions - global mirror

Get a clear, concise plan for implementing this remote copy solution


Migration services for data - IBM XIV Storage System

Migrate data to XIV storage platform more quickly and effectively


Migration services for System z data

Help planning and assisting in the nondisruptive migraiton of data to your new or existing IBM TotalStorage disk system


Softek transparent data migration facility (TDMF®) z/OS®

Migrate data more effectively with continuous application availability


Softek zDMF

Migrate datasets immediately without disrupting applications in the z/OS mainframe environment

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