Data migration for IBM Scale Out Network Attached Storage

Facilitate an efficient data migration to accelerate return on investment

Migrating data to new environments is complex and may require expertise that your in-house IT staff may not have. But migrating to new storage technology can help you manage exponential data growth and support business initiatives.

IBM Migration Services for Network Attached Storage Systems – Scale Out Network Attached Storage (SONAS) provides an efficient migration that leverages experienced storage specialists to plan, migrate, test and validate data, helping to minimize downtime and accelerating your return on investment.


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Migrating to advanced storage technologies can help you support the evolving needs of your business, but you want to ensure you are getting the most from your investment and reduce total cost of ownership of new storage hardware. Migrating to newer systems can also be challenging, with the risk of business disruptions during migration. And, daily demands on your IT staff may take priority over data migration projects that require high levels of technical expertise.

IBM Migration Services for Network Attached Storage Systems – Scale Out Network Attached Storage (SONAS) is designed to provide simplified, efficient data migration to new technologies, helping to more quickly realize the returns on your storage investment. Our team of highly skilled storage specialists helps assess, plan for, migrate, test and validate the migration of data to the SONAS system, providing a single vendor for all of your unique requirements. Backed by experience and best practices, we leverage a range of tools and skills that help minimize risk of downtime and disruptions during migration, so your in-house staff can focus on higher-priority business initiatives.

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