Softek Data Mobility Console for z/OS

Simplify and automate migration management functions with a powerful solution designed to support day-to-day IBM z/OS mobility activities in complex mainframe environments

Service detail

Service details

Now you can simplify and automate nondisruptive data migration for your enterprise environment. IBM Data Mobility Services - Softek Data Mobility Console for z/OS (DMCzOS) technology is designed to provide assessment, planning, activation and validation of data movement. Its consistent and repeatable management processes can help lower costs and eliminate errors and risk while streamlining operational practices.

Designed to support the IBM z/OS mainframe environment, DMCzOS provides centralized migration management for complex storage environments such as IBM Parallel Sysplex® and IBM Geographically Dispersed Parallel Sysplex™ (GDPS®) mainframe environments. DMCzOS technology is designed to provide real-time alerts, real-time and historical data and playback, and extensive reporting, drill-down and automation capabilities. It also provides a direct interface to one of the leading migration products, Softek™ TDMF™ (Transparent Data Migration Facility) technology, featuring a user-friendly wizard to guide you through the key steps in a migration.

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