SmartCloud Enterprise

Increase business agility and cost efficiency with cloud computing for enterprises and their partners

Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) provides an alternative to traditional in-house deployment of hardware, software and network services. It can help you address the challenges of increasing labor and capital costs, lengthy development times and quality concerns.

IBM SmartCloud Enterprise is designed to provide you with access to virtual server and storage environments with enterprise-class security, reliability and control. This flexible cloud infrastructure can be used to support a variety of dynamic workloads and provides a platform to help you reduce costs while supporting accelerated time to market.



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Today’s dynamic business environment is challenging. To support it, you need a cost-effective, agile IT infrastructure to drive new services and applications to market more quickly. But setting up and maintaining your own IT infrastructure to meet these needs can mean high up-front capital expenses and operational costs as well as poorly utilized infrastructures that are difficult to reallocate in response to unpredictable or intermittent workloads. Application development and test activities often suffer from insufficient test environments, resulting in prolonged development cycles and quality issues. Cloud computing can help you cope with these challenges, but you need a cloud infrastructure that offers enterprise-class flexibility, security, reliability and control.

With IBM SmartCloud™ Enterprise, you gain access to an infrastructure as a service (IaaS) cloud that enables you to deploy new servers and storage environments across the globe in minutes (as opposed to weeks or months) and pay for them only for as long as you need them. You have virtually no up-front capital expenses, and, with almost no infrastructure to maintain, you may also reduce your labor costs. In addition, IBM SmartCloud Enterprise provides you with highly standardized and automated processes, which can help you improve the quality of your projects by reducing development and deployment errors. Built to support the security, reliability and control needs of large and midsized enterprises and their partners, this flexible cloud infrastructure provides a platform that can help you rethink your IT solutions and reinvent your business.

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