SmartCloud for SAP Applications

Help reduce costs and improve flexibility with managed SAP services

As SAP environments proliferate and the functional scope of SAP applications expands, organizations are looking for an agile infrastructure that is cost-effective and simple to manage and that can improve service delivery speed and quality.

IBM SmartCloud™ for SAP Applications is designed to deliver SAP environments through a security-rich, cost-effective and scalable cloud infrastructure that can offer faster provisioning, greater flexibility and improved service delivery and quality. This offering provides SAP platform as a service (PaaS) on IBM SmartCloud Enterprise+ for all SAP Business Suite and SAP Business Objects products. IBM is a certified Global SAP Partner for cloud services.



Service detail

Service details

SAP applications are critical to your organization, as they support important business processes. They are function-rich and are usually implemented as a set of distributed connected systems. As a result, they require specialized skills and a complex infrastructure that must be implemented and operated correctly. Because of this, you may face a host of challenges, such as the high cost of SAP systems, shortage of SAP operational skills, long lead times for provisioning new SAP systems and SAP service-quality issues. Moving your SAP applications to a flexible, managed cloud infrastructure can help you more effectively respond to these challenges.

IBM SmartCloud™ for SAP Applications delivers SAP landscapes by leveraging a managed cloud infrastructure that automates and standardizes the tasks associated with provisioning and managing SAP environments. The virtualized, shared infrastructure helps address the twin challenges of cost and complexity by nearly eliminating the need for hardware refreshes and arresting SAP system sprawl. At the same time, the automated and standardized operating procedures help accelerate delivery of SAP systems to support faster time to innovation without sacrificing quality.

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