Services for non-IBM servers

Help accelerate your return on investment by employing
IBM expertise to set up your non-IBM technology more quickly

If you’ve purchased a non-IBM server, we can add value to that investment by helping you quickly set it up in your IT environment.

Of course we support implementation, migration, integration, deployment and installation for IBM technology, but we also provide those services for most non-IBM servers and products. We use IBM global experience to evaluate, design, implement and manage server platforms of virtually all types, no matter your server environment.

Services for non-IBM servers features

IBM provides time-tested implementation and migration services for your technology. Our broad range of services helps you achieve:

  • Smoother migrations

    Facilitate a smooth migration to your new servers with improved accuracy and speed

  • Fewer disruptions

    Employ best practices-based implementations to reduce business disruptions and downtime

  • Faster time to value

    Optimize your technology investment to help improve use, lower costs, decrease complexity and free resources

  • Reduced risk

    Assess your server platform performance to help mitigate risks

  • Improved system availability

    IBM can implement your high-performance cluster environments to help improve availability of business-critical applications

  • Greater responsiveness

    Get more value from your systems with enhanced monitoring and management capabilities

  • Enhanced security

    Support your ability to exploit the advanced security capabilities of your new technology

  • An objective evaluation plan

    IBM identifies your business needs to better support your new server installation and configuration

Why IBM?

Our specialists help your business support next-generation applications for big data and analytics and cognitive computing that are transforming how organizations work today.

IBM provides highly skilled technical professionals who use deep product knowledge, project management skills and time-tested methods to facilitate an efficient implementation or migration of IBM and non-IBM technology in your IT environment.

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