Server virtualization efficiency study

Help reduce risk through improved server resource allocation

Organizations with virtual servers need to continually assess requirements, workload placements and resource allocations to help improve efficiency. It is necessary to consider service level requirements, business and operational policies and utilization profiles.

The IBM server virtualization efficiency study provides skilled specialists who help evaluate your virtual infrastructure using analytics software from CiRBA Inc. We provide recommendations to help reduce risk and identify opportunities to increase efficiency.



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Service details

Businesses with virtual infrastructures face challenges that can impact operational cost, efficiency and performance. Current virtualization management approaches tend to rely on trending and basic tools to size and monitor environments—resulting in the misallocation of resources. Many organizations buy more capacity to reduce operational issues, but excess capacity can lead to inefficiency and inflated costs. To help reduce risk and improve efficiency, it is necessary to align workload placements and resource allocations with service level requirements, operational policies and utilization profiles.

IBM Server Optimization and Integration Services – server virtualization efficiency study is designed to examine efficiency and risk in your virtualized infrastructure and identify over- and under-provisioning for clusters, hosts and virtual machines (VMs).IBM specialists use CiRBA Inc.’s predictive capacity analytics software to analyze your VMware environment. Using a policy-based analysis, we consider the utilization requirements and help model service levels and business and operational policy requirements that can impact how much infrastructure you need and where you allocate resources.

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