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Enable reductions in both cost and complexity with server consolidation

Server consolidation can help your business overcome the challenges of high costs and the complexity associated with server sprawl while giving you the flexibility to more rapidly adapt to changing business needs and workloads and support new technologies.

IBM Server Optimization and Integration Services – server consolidation offers end-to-end services to help you reduce costs and complexity, support new technologies and implement a sustainable workload strategy in your consolidated server environment.



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Service details

As your IT environment grows in size, uncontrolled server sprawl can leave your business vulnerable to several challenges—high capital and operational costs, increased management complexity and lack of flexibility to respond quickly to new technologies, changing business requirements and workloads. You need a robust server consolidation solution to help you meet and overcome these challenges. However, assessment, plan and design, and implementation of a consolidated and optimized server environment are complex tasks that require a high level of skill, advanced tools and proven methodologies.

IBM Server Optimization and Integration Services – server consolidation can help you assess, plan, design and implement a more consolidated, flexible and resilient sever environment. Optionally, we use advanced analytics and a "Fit-for-Purpose" methodology to help identify optimal platform and workload placement decisions, thereby enabling reduced costs and complexity, optimizing workload-server efficiencies and supporting advanced technologies like virtualization and cloud computing. Our global team of skilled professionals, tested tools and proven methods can provide you with a solution to help you meet your unique business needs.

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